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Or narration in first person about that as we to the sea went from city of Novouralsk, that in 70 km from Ekaterinburg, to Anapa and Gelendzhik. More precisely, not absolutely to Anapa, and in area Dzhemete, settlement Pyatikhatki


In it to year, and on a court yard like as 2006 costs, we have solved as well as in last year to go on the sea the belly to warm. Have written the list of necessary things, have made a route under the atlas of highways and forward.

So, here also there has come long-awaited holiday in August at me and my wife. At children a vacation, at us simply celebratory mood. Children at me three, two girls for eight years and the senior 16-years son. The car the most usual VAZ 21-111 with run more than 100000. For all time of operation no censures except for creaking interior are present. I go also to the divine I am given as at people there are any malfunctions. I for all years have changed two times overflow bottle, the gauge of position choker and the motor-reducer of a screen wiper. All other native. And brake block, both racks, and coupling, and eight-valve motor. I am surprised how people manage for one trip on the south on mountain roads to wear out brake block.

I five times went, from them three times on streamers and under my forecasts of thousand 50 they still depart easily. And when it is necessary sink in a floor accelerator pedal. More shortly, it is assured, that all depends on a lining between a rudder and a seat. I plan cover up to 200000 without any repair. In it to year prosir-butane has passed to gas. At once the financial economy, and on acceleration as it seemed to me became appreciable, even it is better slightly. And the probability to refuel bad gasoline has decreased to zero.

Here we and in a way. Have left not early in the morning as that is demanded with canons of auto-travellers, and approximately after 12 days when have slept and have eaten. Went through Pochinki-Bilimbaj-Pervomajskoe. Have left on the Perm path. Here and gas refuelling but to refuel did not become. Early still. At traffic policeman to gas cars of any interest. For them departure on centre strip and excess of speed is the most important, though also fineer infringements do not shun.

Have curtailed on Bottom Sergi and travel on a brand new line with small excess of speed on 20-30 km. Certainly, in the machine there was a radar-detector, but in it to year it peeped very little. On good roads went about 120 km to an hour, on roads is worse 100. But in settlements of the requirement of traffic signs observed strictly. And on a line it is strong not become impudent. Therefore we have reached the sea without penalties. The similar feat at us was and in the past to year. Wished to repeat and in it, but on a return way in to Bashkiria when already remains hardly more than 200 km up to the house all the same have deprived with the rights. And stood there where line of a marking faltering and visibility sufficient, to overtake low-speed transport. road But the small excess was dear also a place with ostensibly limited visibility in the end of rise. And by and large I have spat upon all these fixs and have decided to pay on arrival home the penalty. Yes, certainly, tried to challenge on the commission, showed photos, tried to prove the innocence, but that in Bashkiria, that at us in city of traffic policemans were unshakable. Well and because of 300 roubles I did not begin to contact courts. Will take away a lot of time, and the sense big is not present. Not that case. As having counted up charges on fuel I have been pleasantly surprised. Having spent only 3200 roubles on gas, I have taken all family from five person on the south and have brought home. We ate in roadside cafes. Were guided on waggons. Type, there where it is a lot of them feeding inexpensive and qualitative.

Have left to Simu. There first time has refueled gas. By the way, the charge of gas on a line of small, 35 litres sufficed to pass 550 km, and even it is more. And it at speed of 110-120 km at an o'clock. Slept in the machine. To pay on 200 rbl. from a nose in campings of any desire was not, as it is necessary to have a sleep only 6 hours. The toad presses for a lodging for the night thousand to give, and the private sector on a line was absent at this time, up to Pugacheva we have not reached. In front of Samara also have stayed the night.

I sleep normally and in the machine in a sedentary condition, therefore for me no problems exist at all, and all the others and on road can sleep. Has woken up approximately in 8 mornings and has gone further. At once has refueled and in cafe send. cafe-a-snackbarThere was an idea to go through Buguruslan up to Samara, but by the evening on a line Ufa-Samara became free enough, and road all indexes. So it has not delivered any problems basically. And on an entrance to Samara and after it road in general very good. All is shone by reflectors and it seems that after it it is possible to go blindly. But the pleasure washing was not such long. Kilometers 100 up to and 100 after. Became closer to Balakovu a covering worse and though and it is possible to go quickly, but the big desire did not arise any more.

So we have reached to the city of Olene, that near to Volgograd. Have seen a signboard with an inscription a dining room and have decided to come. Inside an interior not so, but feeding simply magnificent and as it seemed to me, under the ridiculous prices. All who will go through Olen'e, and this place on a federal line, I advise to come. Were full and have gone further. Well so far as we already well know a line, have gone through Volgograd on Kotel'nikovo. On city we especially did not go much, as have called in with roundabout thirds longitudinal. So I also have not understood that this name of street in the common people or officially. Well and all right. On a federal line to go has not wanted, since up to Rostov the road of all to two strips and is loaded on most I do not want, and through Salsk-Tihoreck it is possible to tell deserted. The GAI- stopped, documents looked but have never got to the bottom. Have stayed the night in Kotel'nikovo. There a post of GAI and about it have risen. Since morning of cafe and further in a way. Without any adventures has reached the sea.

Well and now about the sea and about all where were. Looked on the Internet of a photo of coast and this time thought to stop in settlement Betta. As the colleague from work went and lived there weeks two, the truth right at the beginning of a season, in last dates of June and paid 350 with meal from the person. Well here, I call in in Betu and not at once I understand where here the sea, houses, open-air cafe, a ball. Purely for rest in a silent place in declining years normally. But as we people rather vigorous, the company at least is necessary to us, and there not that that but also small houses are located on decent distance from each other and the contingent of people basically is more senior than us. It at once was not pleasant to me, though a place well. The prices in detail to learn did not become. Have asked for decency, there is no more cheaply 300 rbl. both without food and in a peasant house which already asks the bulldozer.

Were expiated and have gone aside Gelendzhika. On a way have called in in Divnomorskoe. Were put there-here and or it is borrowed or it is dear. Especially to search much did not become, as I searched for that that on a shower and quickly nothing has found. And if at once you find nothing, search starts to tire, therefore have eaten in cafe with a kind on the sea and have gone in Gelendzhik. Why the choice has fallen on this city? All is simple. We there were in before last to year and as have built up city to us it was pleasant.

We reach the index, we refuel gas, and it there, the dog, on rouble is more dear than in Urals Mountains and is turned off aside by quay. beach-of-Gelendzhik Machines to get very tired, to people too. Have swept up to a city beach, have decided to be expiated. We leave on a beach, and there water muddy-muddy. People for all the day has agitated. To be expiated were expiated, sunbathed and have gone on quay to walk. Yes, certainly the quay is trimmed all with any southern glamour, cafe everywhere, music both alive and simply so. People dressed up as if not on quay walks, and on invited evening at the notable person. Have walked and have gone to search for a place for life. Strangely enough, have found almost at once. And like it is not too dear. On 250 from a nose. portrait The house of new construction has got accustomed, like with a kind, but in darkness at once will not understand. And in the south darkens literally for 15 minutes. (It certainly not the real estate on Cyprus, on for such money - beauty!) Here have taken in the sky a bulb have switched off also all. To sleep. Have lodged, I descended for beer, had a bite on a sandwich and have gone again on quay. There and in cafe have sat a little bit. Marvellously in it to year wine on flood similar on wine, instead of on a fresh-water sponge. The conclusion from hard drinking is not required, unequivocally. From private traders this product did not take. A shit frank. That medical services would not be required. On rest you see have arrived.

Here and the first day has ended. It is woken up in the morning, we have breakfast and on a beach. Have bypassed all that place where spent the night and have understood cunning of owners. The house old, years thirty-forty, but sheathed by bricks and plastic. And, as consequence of old construction, is damp and even very much. Well that there is a conditioner, but it basically did not work that networks are overloaded also a pressure insufficient. So there it was not pleasant to us. Here and at once it became clear why the price low. Well all right, all of us equally here long we shall not be late. In five days we shall go we shall look for other habitation, can even not in Gelendzhike. For now on a beach

The second day all on a beach, and on the third on rope-way "Olympus". Fine there. cable-wayAnd on rope-way have driven, and from height of the bird's flight and simply the soul sings kinds of city. And in the evening in cafe at top of mountain, it appears, a beer party. Practically all that who participates in any competition free-of-charge beer. I, certainly, have not refused have a good time. And when has darkened, two guys with torches acted. The show grasps spirit! And it is equal at 23-00 salute. Simply salute. Beautiful, huge. Volleys twenty of any iron chicken-feed. It is visible at all coast. More shortly pleasure a great lot. Here has only a few saddened returning in our "palace". The electricity at all was not minutes 30. Bed-clothes damp-damp. All the same old construction though as you do not sheathe all the same a shit.

Couple of days on a beach also has again pulled on searches of entertainments. Have decided to sweep on a yacht. Have chosen a vessel and forward. In the evening, at 20-00 departure. yachtHave looked at a sunset, were expiated in the high sea. Water in comparison with coast simply fresh. Apparently from a beach of half-city pising. A bay, all the same. The sea not flowing. Have dragged me on a rope behind a yacht. And so far as I the first time so took a sea bath big drug has not tested. From a back has turned) on a stomach, well here and has got drunk water much against my desire. Have swept and under a sail a little, but the wind was feeble, therefore nobody has experienced all charm of sailing. Have arrived back on coast when already has darkened absolutely. Cafe, shop, wine, again cafe and in bed.

Next day have decided to descend in the big shop called by the covered market. We come and at all exclamation of surprise is pulled out. Air not simply conditioned, but also cleared of any smells. Resembled, resembled, have bought stuff and have gone home. Walking somewhere hour two. We leave on street and here SUCH has begun! All family simply we fly back in shop bewildered: that it there in the street is created. sultriness, stink. In half-minute have thought, that everything is all right. It is a climate such damp, and we were in about Split-central air. Usually there is all on the contrary. It in is stuffy, and in the street is normal. And here all on the contrary. More shortly laugh also have gone home.

Next day have decided to descend in the big shop called by the covered market. We come and at all exclamation of surprise is pulled out. Air not simply conditioned, but also cleared of any smells. Resembled, resembled, have bought stuff and have gone home. Went somewhere hour two. We leave on street and here SUCH has begun! All family simply we fly back in shop bewildered: that it there in the street is created. Sultriness, stink. Such impression that has entered in cold a sweating room where someone break wind with all the heart. In half-minute have thought, that everything is all right. It is a climate such damp, and we were in about Split-central air. Usually there is all on the contrary. It in is stuffy, and in the street is normal. And here all on the contrary. More shortly have laughed also have gone home.

Hour through four have gone down to bottom of mountain, have sat in the automobile and have gone to have a bite in well-known cafe "Natasha". Was a little disappointed. All remained also beautifully. But the mermaid from brook has disappeared and the meal began appreciablly more dearly concerning the last year. To see a lot absolutely untwisted there was a place. But people goes. Had a meal, have looked as people catches a trout in get on a fishing tackle and home. Already to darken the beginning. On a way asked the prices for habitation, but something of nothing has inspired. Very far from the sea. Only by the machine to go. Well all right. At me in a stock was home address which has given me familiar. It had a rest last year in Pjatihatkah, that near to Anapa and to it there very much it was pleasant. Both the prices, and the attitude of owners, and a place. Also has decided to look well and to live either in the same place, or somewhere beside.

For next morning have gathered quickly enough and have gone aside Anapa. On a way have called in in the Blue bay to be expiated, and I very much would like to look those places where I was about twenty years ago. The sanatorium has not changed, it is fast under pulling down will go, since one-storeyed buildings simply already collapse. And here that small house where we lived with parents has not found. And those people-owners has not found. Can absolutely have grown old. It then already for 50 was. But has seen SUCH HOUSE! With pool, conditioners, toilets and TVs with a refrigerator in each number. And all this beauty cost 350 rbl. from a nose. And it during a season! Naturally places are not present. But phone has written down. Can and shall arrive when. But unfortunately, balls there it is few a unique minus of this place. By the machine of these problems is not present, but already beer you will not be indulged.

But the sea Simply class. Water pure-pure. The bottom is visible meters on five six. More shortly dive it was not possible. And on three meters I dive. Has walked along coast and further conditions has not pleased. Where rocks the friend musty smell has gone and seaweed has gone. I do not love. Were expiated on a beach and have gone in Pjatihatki. We knew road precisely. And on a card and so. Passed somehow. Have reached without problems, on a way have called in to Anapa. More shortly as there was very dirty place both in city and on a beach, and remained. I shall not go there. Something thought for three years has changed, so in fact is not present.

the-comfortable-habitationHave reached up to Pjatihatok and at once has was evident simply sterile cleanliness of the central road, everywhere trees, it is painted. More shortly, paradise in a miniature! Suspiciously silently, is shops. Well all right, while nothing has understood. Such wild contrast with Anapa.

Habitation has found at once. The house on an angular site. The address of settlement Pjatihatki, street Tsvetochnaya-1. In the beginning, certainly, have preliminary phoned that waited. The-decorated-house There have just left lodgers so for us the place was released in the morning. In a bungalow as owners name. There four places, and it is necessary to us five. Well so far as on the borrowed area we have not exceeded their "concepts", they have discounted. On 200 rbl. from adults and on 150 from children. Simply holiday. For habitation on Cyprus in such sum to not go in, unequivocally. Inside a refrigerator the TV, but they especially also are not necessary to us. This all is through five meters on the general kitchen where as it was then found out, and to people is not present. Whether their schedule meal with ours does not coincide, whether is simple eat somewhere in other place. to-remove-habitation-number-of-Gelendzhik-AnapaHot water, a shower, a toilet, all in a tile, everywhere is cleaned. There is an issued vacation spot with a fountain. Simply to the divine you are given to the attitude of owners of this mini-hotel to having a rest. In Gelendzhike such was not.

There were there still numbers "lux", it already both with a refrigerator, and with the TV, both with a washstand-shower, and like with a toilet. Naturally conditioner and beds almost imperial. fountain All this also costed 300 rbl. from a nose. But such convenience it is unessential me. Houses in an apartment it are, and on rest two-rub weeks even in wonder to go meters 10 up to places of a general purpose. Especially all in greens, grapes and any beautiful plants which in Urals Mountains do not grow.

Has gone down in a cellar, and THERE Billiards, table tennis, it is simply cool and even a darts with checkers. Certainly, billiards already a little shabby, but accepting wine all is good.


Here up to the sea to go far. Minutes 20 walking step. But you will take a jar beer, to children juice and even in pleasure to walk. At home all is no time, even in shop already by the machine is gone for a drive. And here Beauty, warmly, grasshoppers, little girls past go undressed, beer in a hand or wine. "Beauty!!!" - as Ivan Vasilevich would tell.

rest-in-a-gardenNext day send on a beach. People has not enough, the coastal strip wide and sand on which even is few dust. Water pure, only at coast has for some reason beaten seaweed, but they without a smell were. Strange, but the fact. And here that who loves depth it is necessary to go meters 100, differently all sea knee-deep, places on a belt. But children play and for them to be afraid it is not necessary. More shortly the PLACE FOR FAMILY REST. I then even have photographed habitation and have composed it the story. So there it was pleasant to me. Has promised even to try to advertise on the Internet. Have agreed even that to the bearer of this printed cut-away will be possible the discount.


Have come back in "bungalow", had a bite and wished to go to take a walk on Dzhemete. But here my hearing has caught share conversation same having a rest which spoke that tomorrow are going to go for lakes Kumatyr shashlik to fry, and do not know road. Well and so far as at me detailed enough atlas of highways and using absence of competent opinion, I have offered the help. Here and have got acquainted and next day have together gone there, I do not know where . And the remained days have lead all together. One family was from Moscow suburbs, other of Chelyabinsk.

And on horses have driven on almost mountain roads to any lake in area Big Utrisha, and on a beach together, and to a delphinarium have gone, and across Anapa have loafed for a while on quay. Even to sea of Azov have gone in Golubickuju and in Temryuk have wandered in a museum of military technics open-air. A museum rather good. Necessarily look at exhibits. With the good company all in pleasure. Here only one day prior to our departure partners have left. And to dispell grief of parting have gone on excursion to admire lotuses. I advise, go necessarily. All this borrows about three hours.

In the beginning us reduced on mountain. All charm in that that it there one, but many the historical moments, and a kind therefrom very beautiful. Have then planted on a walking boat and have carried to sea of Azov. Impression unforgettable. You go on the narrow to the channel, on each side vegetation as in jungle and then the high sea, and in it flowers. Be not too lazy. Excursion rather non-standard and inexpensive. Singularity still that getting on mountain, I did not see magnificent vegetation, and floating on the channel seems that an impassable thicket. It was pleasant to all.

On road on Pjatihatki have bought water-melons. In any comparison with Volgograd. Something a boiled potato remind. Tomatoes good and cheap. Eggplants too. And all noticeably is cheaper than in Gelendzhike.

Well that's all. Our holiday has approached to the end. We gather in a way back and early in the morning at 7 o'clock it is absolutely unexpected for us it is leaved. A joke. We reach the first GAI- of a post, us brake and ask a question how much I is drunk. On what I fairly answer that did not thump on the eve as there was no time. We shall amicably leave and go further. Have gone again through Krasnodar, Salsk, Tihoreck, Kotel'nikovo. In a way also have stayed the night on a post at White Clay. Has woken up hours in 7 and further. Anybody did not brake any more up to the Bashkiria. And there, as I already spoke, have lost the rights. But on arrival has home paid the penalty and has received it is right back. Well here is how and all in brief.

P.S. Having arrived home has learned, that my friends gather to the sea for pair weeks. Here here I also have flashed the knowledge of the Black Sea coast, have advised them Pjatihatki. Have left by the machine, have easily found street Tsvetochnuyu-1. Has then asked as as. Children were very happy. At them the senior boy and the little girl of three years. The chapter of family in delight, and here its wife was dissatisfied with what long to go up to the sea. But that who saw figure and knows character, that all will receive. The friend floats well, has sailed far away, has caught rapanov (mussel) and then contents of cockleshells have fried and have deigned regale oneself. The unique unpleasant moment for them was this that that three days prior to departure there was a wind, On the sea the gale was and water became cold. But in day all has come to norm. But during a storm have jumped in waves. On a sand beach it is practically safe always. So glance in this vacation spot!



The author of the text and photoworks Alexey ZAHAROV.


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