The Success is to be in time!

Leaders 3-го internet-contest a Miss an Atom - 2006


The Best debutant Elena Merkulova
The Best debutant
Elena Merkulova, OOP

Three representatives of the Ural electrochemical combine have got in the twenty of leaders of the third annual the Internet-competition "Ms. Atom - 2006". Organized by news agency Nuclear.Ru at support of concern "Rosenergoatom".

For participation in competition it was necessary to fill the questionnaire and to place photos on site Nuclear. Ru. The winner was defined on a poll as a result the Internet-voting.

For the first time in competition have taken part more than ten representatives of the Ural electrochemical combine. Results of competition have been brought on March, 7th.

Our girls have liked so, that three from them - Tatyana Spirina. Galina Klimova and Elena Merkulova (Tatyana and Galina even have typed identical quantity of points!) have got in the twenty of the best, and Elena Merkulova has noted been by a special prize (a house cinema), founded Open Company "Nuklear.Ru", in a nomination "the Best debut".

I have met Elena Merkulovoj who works in OOP as a dining room managing manufacture with "Mother and the child". Yes, this girl quite has deservedly received the award: before me there was a present beauty. Elena works at combine since 2004, after termination CINH-UrGU. According to Elena, on speed up and in competition has insisted the deputy director of a dining room. "So to say, in the form of an order", - Elena jokes. It has filled the questionnaire one day prior to the termination of registration and as a result has confirmed words of the known poetess: "the Success-it to be in time". Elena was in time. And not only has received the debut award, but also has glorified a name of ours gloriousthe enterprises at a branch level!

As a parting word to the future participants Elena has told " do not hesitate, participate "Trust in itself, and at all of you it will turn out ".

RosenergoatomMs. Atom - 2006

Tatyana Spirina

Galina Klimova


Valery Kornilova, a photo from archive of girls