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On March, 25th on a line of a motor club have passed automobile parallel races. It is necessary to make a reservation, that all over again it was supposed to lead rally "the Trailing stone", but because of absence of interested persons (though it is impossible to tell, that interested persons at all were not) the decision to lead "parallel" was accepted.

Expressed desire to participate was a little. A picture brightened up reckless if to not tell fearless cadets of automobile section SJUT, on the cars collected by the hands (type "baggi" and type "Toyota"). Competitions were spent on three offsets: "Classics" or a back drive, "Rejsing" or a forward drive and "Sports" or any cars on any rubber.

Qualification passed till 11 o'clock on the sum of two attempts. Final arrivals at 12:30 have begun, and in the ending participants have got all. By this time the line already rather has been broken also by places reminded tram rails from which to jump out was very problematic, though growing up change coped with this problem well enough. Speed, certainly, too has fallen.

In the beginning passed arrivals with "young fighters" on yellow-dark blue bolide "type baggi". This car did not appear In the subsequent arrivals that is quite natural, any more as from six arrivals the finish has happened only in half of cases (in the remained half it was necessary to "grateful" judges and fans fairly toil, pulling out the next loser).

In "classics" the basic struggle was traditionally between Sergey Kazakovym and Anton Jachmenyovym in which after unexplained actions judges the youth (S.Kazakov) has won.

In "rejsinge" as usually struggled Denis Munarev and Vadim Kopylov. By the way, these two racers already for a long time are leaders of city, even it would be desirable, that there was somebody who could prevent this to two "to monsters on "eighth" models of VASES. And persistent struggle has won V.Kopylov.

And in a class "sports" the first place was borrowed with our glorified racer Andrey Salamatov.

The Pleasant surprise from organizers for all participants became delivery to everyone of the diploma and memorable signs, and for winners were ugotovany monetary prizes and cups with the stylistic image of a shark as as the organizer of these races the sports-technical club (STK) "Shark" has acted. By the way, at assembly of club which passes every Wednesday at 19:00 on a motor club can be present all interested in development of automobile sports at city of the person (address to manager site)