The Decision of housing problem

How solve housing problem in Russia, gain apartment


  To receive answers to the questions, concerning housing policy of the Ural electrochemical combine and problems of improvement of living conditions of youth, committee and active workers of Youth organization UEHK could at a meeting with the head of housing group of service of the assistant to the general director on the staff and social questions of Century V.L. Puhlovym who took place on March, 21st.

Here is as is necessary solve a problem constructions veins and apartments, careless officials!!!In the opening address at a meeting with youth Victor Lukich Puhlov has told about how the housing policy at combine is realized. Its basic problem - to get rid of such reality of reorganization time, as many thousands turn of living conditions requiring improvement. Arisen during the complex period of refusal of granting free-of-charge habitation and numbering 3250 needing for home the turn, after five years was reduced up to 1635 person. In practice it means, that in build it is entered more than 1700 new apartments. More than 1 billion roubles has enclosed combine for these years in the program on new habitation. Nearby 74 million roubles a year makes return which is completely put in construction of following houses.

It is natural, that more all the youth interests inclusion in Regulations about granting of habitation to workers of combine of the certain privileges for young families. The first question concerned this theme.

According to Victora Lukicha, for today of the most expedient the idea about prolongation of term of investment sees at a birth of the child. The period during which it is necessary family most difficultly, is a maternity leave of mother. At this particular time investors will not repay monthly payments. While it is not known, for what period this privilege to young families - an one and a half or three years will operate, but new edition of Position promise to accept already by the end of March.

Interested also youth and, whether will remain in conducting combine of a hostel and whether there will be those new.

The Answer has sounded unequivocally: hostels which today it is totaled three, will remain with combine, but new will not be under construction. The situation existing today when in the comfortable conditions created in hostels by forces and means UEHK, really live no more than 30 % from registered there, speaks about senselessness of statement of a question about introduction of new volumes.

Almost 1,5 sentries the meeting of the head of housing group with representatives of youth at combine has passed informatively enough and with advantage for both parties.

Maria BELENJA(mass-media UEHK), a photo of the author