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  The Convincing victory of family Klimovyh over the All-Russia competition "Family of year-2005", fortunately, has turned back not simply beautiful fireworks, and a first step on a way to serious undertakings in MO UEHK. Really, the title has found worthy owners: Galina and Anatoly, having received useful experience (which, by the way speaking, was not only positive) and a lot of the interesting information, have approached to a problem of young family seriously and have decided to suggest to create Youth organization UEHK Club of young family.

Семья, молодая семья, залог счастливой семейной жизниOn what Youth organization has responded with pleasure - time is the interested, creative, not indifferent people, means and the idea has a chance of realization.

Children have created the project of Regulations about "Club of young family" which we present to readers. Is thought, will be both supporters of idea, and wishing to share the ideas, ideas in this occasion. Read, analyze also all the ideas and offers send on e-mail the manager of our site (the address in the bottom of a page).

By the way, Youth organization seriously considers the offer logically to finish a cycle of competitions "Ms. UEHK" and "Mr. UEHK" (p.s. These actions will be laid out on this site later, watch updatings) the following - "Family UEHK", each of which will pass time in three years.

Maria RUSINOVA, Maria BELENJA, mass-media UEHK

Как сделать семью счастливой?

Regulations about club of young family UEHK

In Russia the system of actions on support of young family has complex character. Within the limits of the federal target program "the Youth of Russia (2001-2006)" is realized a direction "Complex measures on strengthening young family in Russia" which basic purposes are social and economic support of young family; improvement of a demographic situation in a society; strengthening of institute of family.

Now across Russia operate more than 1000 clubs of young family which part will be organized by the enterprises-employers.

General provisions

1.1. The given Position is the local certificate regulating activity of Club of young family UEHK.
1.2. Club of young family (further - Club) - association on a voluntary basis of families UEHK.

The Purposes and problems

2.1. The purpose of creation of family of Club is consolidation of efforts under the decision of the socially-legal, socially-psychological, domestic and other problems quite often arising before young families.

2.2. Problems

  • Education of an active vital position

  • Revival and strengthening of family labour dynasties

  • Creation of conditions for adaptation in a modern society by modelling situations

  • Creation of conditions for the joint decision of problems of various character

  • Preservation and strengthening of health of members of Club and their children

  • It is information - legal maintenance in the questions, concerning young families

  • Rendering a legal aid to members of Club at arising necessity

  • Revealing creative persons, among parents and children

  • Creation of conditions for self-realization and self-expression

  • The organization of leisure

  • Propagation of new educational forms

  • An exchange of experience and cooperation with other associations of young families

The Place of a disposition

3.1. The youth center.

Membership in Club

4.1. Members of Club can become families in which one of spouses to be worker UEHK.
4.2. Neither the financial position, nor age of spouses cannot be an obstacle for acceptance in members of Club since are parameters of presence of the certain life experience so, and the valuable information.

Structure of Club

Heads the Club chairman of the given association selected on general meeting of members of Club.

The Rights and duties

6.1. Members of Club have the right:

  • To participate in development of the program of activity of Club

  • Freely to express and defend own point of view

  • To protect prestige of Club and UEHK on actions of a city, regional and All-Russia level

  • To use attributes and symbolics of Club

6.2. Members of Club are obliged:

  • To observe honour of Club, to increase greatly its glory and advantages

  • To respect with the point of view in the politician, religions, a civic stand

  • Actively to participate in actions, created as for members of Club, and them

  • To communicate under the decision of those or other problems of young family.

p.s. So, dear readers if you have offers, advice, an opportunity to share experience and so forth - we ask to leave on contact (the address in the bottom of a page)