The Youth "collects stones"

From April, 12 till April, 14th on the basis of the Rest house "cape Verde" has passed a seminar-meeting of the regional youth commission of the trade-union organizations workmans of atomic industry the Ural region.


In the past to year youth trade-union movement of nuclear branch was structured on regions, having created four commissions on work with youth: "Urals Mountains", "Siberia", "Center", "Moscow and the Moscow area". All of them are structural division of the commission on work with youth of Central committee RPRAEP into which enters two representatives of Novouralsk: Ekaterina Tsybulskaja (Terkom-370 - territorial committee) and Dmitry Tcherepanov (MOUEIP.

The Working program of a seminar has been sated on a maximum. At youth it is a lot of plans and intention to work above existing problems young in branch the most serious. At a present stage the primary goal practically all directions of work gathering of the information from places, and then its analysis and generalization in methodical development. It was at the head of a corner by consideration of such questions, as "the Housing policy at the enterprises" (the information is transferred in working group "Habitation of youth ROSATOMA, "the Operational experience of youth structures at the industrial enterprises and in the city organizations of the Ural region" (the information but to this question it is planned to place in the collection for the Ural region). During an exchange of experience the general picture of development of youth movement in branch and it "painful points" reveals.

Delegates of a seminar and the problems arising at creation of a database on youth till 35 years at the enterprises Have discussed.

Not less important question was discussed in the second day of a seminar an operational experience at formation has undressed "Youth" in collective agreements of the enterprises and the organizations.

All collected information delegates of a seminar have decided to generalize in the project of the collection "the Operational experience of youth structures at the industrial enterprises and in the city organizations of the Ural region".

The Youth of the Ural region will take part in two serious competitions at a branch level. In September two representatives of Urals Mountains will take part in competition on a rank "the Best youth trade-union leader of year" who will begin in the end of 2006. And in 4-th quarter of 2006 inter-regional competition of commands of KVN takes place in Moscow. The command on KVN will go a combined team, from different Ural cities so problems children and with formation of a command, both with preparation, and with financing have enough.

Well, and the seminar has ended with bright show "KVN - K" where visitors not only have taken part, but also on the general recognition have taken the main prize - to the Tiger (the truth, in a tiny variant).

Dmitry Tcherepanov, chairman MO UEIP: "When children share experience, especially in informal conditions, understand, that really problems of youth are solved far not everywhere equally. So, for example, we have understood, that the housing youth policy works only for us, in Three-mountain and in Glazov. And that is at us, does not give in to comparison even that works in these cities, let alone others".

 Alexey Davidov, chairman of the primary Youth organization of shop 33: "Since time of the last seminar has passed not too a lot of time - academic year as a matter of fact. And a level on which the seminar worked this time, considerably above. Owing to that first acquaintance, an exchange of experience, practically at each enterprise of the Ural region now there is in this or that kind a structure on work with youth.

Each structure has the precise plan of work, a source of financing. At many enterprises there are posts of the released experts on work with youth. We, by the way, also had such expert in OKP-123".

Jan Konishchev,chairman primary MO object 46: "work on adaptation of youth, according to young experts Grows also. Children share interesting experience in this direction, to us is to that at them to learn".

Dmitry Tcherepanov: "It is planned, that in methodical recommendations existing experience of various forms of work with youth at the enterprises and in the organizations will be generalized. It the optimum variant comprehensible to their enterprise is done to help beginners to choose for itself. Except for structures, recommendations but there will be presented to work with collective agreements".

Jan Konishchev: "it is interesting and it was useful to communicate to representatives Chepetskogo of a mechanical factory from Glazov. At them the enterpriseaktsionirovalos in 1998, therefore us, certainly, interested, as the attitude to youth, to social policy at the enterprise has changed. Something has pleased for example, work with youth both was conducted, and conducted, as a matter of fact nothing has changed. And here concerning social sphere much has changed and not in the best party. All social spherehave given, and now everyone rent and the same money pay. And in the rest the enterprises work, even the salary raise. They, by the way, at aktsionirovanli could solve a problem of ageing of the personnel. At an output on pension each worker to pension receives the grant in the size of 2 thousand roubles".

Aleksei Davidov: "All seminar, as a whole, has passed on good power and emotional rise. People have arrived friends, it has allowed to begin work of a seminar practically with the first minute. The most interesting, as after working reports behind a cup of tea children continued to discuss exciting problems, but is already informal, more openly. At such soiree-night forums we received more information, than on an official part of a seminar!".

Maria Belenja