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DRAKREISING beautifully sounds, beautifully looks

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DRAKREISING - the drug of speed, competition of the strongest, automobile street races at last officially were held and in our city of Novouralsk.

There was it June, 27 on an invention of the youth organization of combine. It was a show not for over sensitive. On a line in the one fourth miles automobiles import and a domestic production, whose motors which have been lead up up to mind experts competed, gave out such speeds which you will see unless on professional races. By the way, such operational development of the automobile is frequently equated to initial cost of a decent motor vehicle. Therefore the hobby for autoraces is not from cheap and allow it to itself can either people solvent, or hazardous, nothing regretting for a favourite affair. And, it appears, such it is not not enough.

In these competitions participated more 20 race drivers from Ekaterinburg and Novoural'sk. And, how many has gathered spectators - it is a lot of, the truth, they conducted not absolutely adequately: crowded on start, continually ran across a line (probably to check up will have time whether or not), in a word, have delivered efforts and to organizers, both judges, and participants of autoraces. Remarkable conducting these autoraces - Vyacheslav Jarmushko as could, leveled a situation, but spectators gave in to arrangements badly and then it was necessary to go on extreme measures to postpone start before full observance of discipline. On any time has helped. But you see and spectators it is possible to understand, all would like to see such show more close to make out race drivers

In general, if shortly to describe an atmosphere reigned in that day on a roundabout line of Southern area - the notice on a premiere. Both the quantity of spectators, and arrival of participants Ekaterinburg, and an agiotage around of this action, speak only about one - such competitions on autoraces are necessary, such shows are necessary. In another way you will not explain that fact, that neither the downpour, nor a hailstones, suddenly fallen on city, have not stopped the present racers and competition proceeded till midnight. The most proof race drivers have received pure adrenaline, rushing on a wet line, and the most devoted fans, the present pleasure from a night picture where on a background of the storm sky bright fires stoplights of sports machines flashed.

Preparing to this action, organizers of a car racing wanted, that it has turned out entertainment and, similar, it was possible to them. That autoraces on import cars in classes FSC with volume of the engine of 2500-3000 cubic centimeters and FSB, with the maximal volume - 2500 only cost. In these two arrivals all prize-winning places have got to Ekaterinburg. Race drivers of Novouralsk too had victories. In class SL (the easy serial or modified automobile of any manufacture), the first place Andrey Salomatov on red has borrowed, the second place Andrey Kovtunov, the worker of the UEIP, and the third place, Alexander Don, too the inhabitant of our city. In a class RSL-with (the street easy carburettor automobile) three prize-winning places have got to workers of the UEIP: the first place - Andrey Hodjakov, on the automobile the VAZ 21083, the second - Eugeny Gorbunov, (Shop of audit of machines) by the machine the VAZ 21093, the third, has got to Eugeny Petrov, the worker of the motor transport Service on the VAZ 2105. In a class inzhektornyh automobiles the winner Eugeny Pankratov, (Shop of industrial water supply) on the automobile the VAZ 21093 has left.

So, is than to be proud, it is a lot of at us at combine and in city of class racers, it is a pity only, there is no autoclub. In this occasion there is at the youth organization to active motorists such offer - to create legal autoclub, with the charter, with club discipline, to think up the name, to get membership cards, payments, in general, all as is necessary in decent automobile club. It would be desirable, that dream this was realized and has found understanding at administration of city of Novouralsk.

The main thing, that the beginning is necessary, drejgrejsing as sports meets, were legalized in city. Also it is a merit, first of all, the youth organization and its most active participants, such as Ilya Uvarov, Sergey Karachkov, Vyacheslav Jarmushko and some more many who has brought in the feasible contribution to preparation and realization of such fascinating and very beautiful automobile show.